Drinking a @Backcountry604 Suck It Trebek DDH Pale Ale with Chinook, Citra and Enigma! Could be the best NE Pale I have ever had! Hazy, Juicy and Hoppy AF. Absolutely delish! The awesome peeps at @Backcountry604 are killing it 💥⚡️🔥🍻🤟🏻

Drinking my latest NE (accidental) ISA with Vic Secret, Exp BRU1 and Azacca. Easy drinking hops juice with a nice bitter bite 🍻 #NEISA #Hazy #homebrew

→ Sunlit 2.2 is here - Manton Reece

Check out Sunlit! It is a great indie web Instagram alternative, where you own the photos you post because they are posted to a domain you own. #gosilofree #indieweb

Drinking a @Backcountry604 Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone Idaho 7 IPA. Another fantastic NE IPA from the awesome dudes at Backcountry. Absolutely delicious! A cool study in Idaho 7/007 Golden Hop, and what its flavour and aroma characteristics are. 🍻 #bccraftbeer

→ TRACK IV IPA with Sea Salt & Coriander - Our 4th track in the @doanscbc mixtape is a big one. The whirlpool consisted of Amarillo hops and Coriander, providing big orange notes, while the sea salt gives the beer a great juicy mouthfeel… - Bright Eye Brewing

My Top 5 favourite New England style beers in BC right now

  1. Superflux Colour & Shape
  2. Beere Go Easy
  3. Boombox Rad Seeker
  4. Beere Mental Floss
  5. Backcountry Widowmaker

Honourable mentions -

Boombox Arcade Glow Steamworks Flagship IPA Superflux Barracuda

All due respect to all the other awesome NE beers out there that were not on the list. These are just five of my regularly available favourites right now.