Brewed a NEIPA yesterday with Citra, 007 and Simcoe! Love brewing at home! #NEIPA #hazy #homebrewing #bccraftbeer

🔥 Suck It Trebek by @Backcountry604 is the best NE Pale I have ever had!!! *May be the best beer I have ever had period! Close to perfect. Absolutely delicious and uber juicy with perfectly balanced bitterness. *need to try it side by side with Superflux’s Colour & Shape

Is there anything better than drinking your previous batch on brew day? Cheers to all the amazing homebrewers and craft beer peeps out there! 🍻 #homebrew #bccraftbeer #NEIPA #hops

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So stoked to be drinking a @brighteyebrew Secret’s Out Pale Ale! All Citra whirlpool & double Vic Secret dry hop! Delicious! Dank, citrus, tropical. Hops juice! Bright Eye rocks 🤟🏻 #NEIPA

Drinking a @Backcountry604 Suck It Trebek DDH Pale Ale with Chinook, Citra and Enigma! Could be the best NE Pale I have ever had! Hazy, Juicy and Hoppy AF. Absolutely delish! The awesome peeps at @Backcountry604 are killing it 💥⚡️🔥🍻🤟🏻