That was the most embarrassing, disappointing and infuriating #Leafs loss that I can remember and I have been watching the Leafs forever #fixtheleafs 😕

Drinking @WesleyDhaene’s Kiwi Banger NEPA! With Wai-iti and Kohatu! Super juicy! Tropical! Super delicious! Really solid crushable NEPA! And it came in a can!!! So jealous he has a canner! 🍻🍻🍻

WOW! WOW! WOW! Drinking an @annexales Null Test Kveik Pale Ale! This beer is insane bonkers good! Fucking juicy deliciousness! Total hop saturation awesomeness! Smells and tastes like hop heaven! Nice work Andrew, Nik and the Annex Team! Thanks so much @WesleyDhaene! 🍻

Absolutely killer AB beer mail from the uber generous and awesome @WesleyDhaene! Can’t wait to crack all of these! Especially the @annexales Null Test, the @estbrew beers and Wesleys homebrew 🍻 📦 🔥

Drinking my latest → NE Pale // 5% // With Citra and Idaho 7 // Fermented with Kveik. It is a delicious uber citrusy juice bomb with a hint of funk or tartness from the Kveik, low bitterness and soft mouthfeel. Loving the colour too!