Annex Ales made Howling Fantods again!

This is an incredible hazy hop monster of a beer and one I was super fortunate to be involved with the first time it was made a couple of years ago.

I was working at a hop farm at the time and so my contribution to the collab was mostly suggesting hops for the hop bill. Being a novice homebrewer at the time, I heavily leaned on my brewing mentor and haze master Bryan Craig (now of Bright Eye Brewing) for advice/help with the hop bill and hazy brewing tips. Then I showed up in Calgary with an MEC duffle bag full of 100+ lbs of hops and the rest of the time was a crazy awesome blur of brewing, drinking and checking out some of the killer Calgary craft beer scene.

Andrew is such a kick ass dude, a great brewer and one of my favourite people in the industry. I absolutely fell in love with Annex on that trip, and love the Calgary beer scene.

I cannot wait to try Howling Fantods 2.0! I am sure Andrew cranked this version up to 11 and beyond. Super proud of my small part in this beer. I think we made something awesome. If you are in Calgary definitely seek this beer out. Cheers to Annex, Andrew, Erica and the whole Annex team and to Bryan! 🍻

Drinking a Brasserie Du Bas Hypa 5 with Simcoe and Mosaic! Another amazing beer from them! Tropical, uber juicy and hazy AF! Slight sweetness with a nice bitterness. Super solid NEIPA! Thanks @WesleyDhaene!!! 🍻

Taking NEIPA’s in an awesome new direction! β†’ Drinking an epic @CabinBrewing and @estbrew collab! Technicolour Dreamworld Tart NEIPA. This beer is excellent! So unique and uber crushable. Tart, tropical and juice for days! Delicious half sour hops juice! Thanks @WesleyDhaene 🍻

Drinking a @estbrew Sky Rocket IV! This beer is phenomenal! Juicy hops gravy with subtle sweetness and pleasant bitterness for a perfectly balanced NEIPA. Huge notes of tropical fruit, citrus and pineapple. Hops juice at its best! Delicious and crushable. Thanks @WesleyDhaene 🍻

Stoked to be drinking a NEPA from @WesleyDhaene! This beer, with HBC 692 and BRU 1, smells like strawberries and pina colada had a baby! Smells incredible and is smooth, hazy and creamy AF! Hints of pineapple and pine with a perfect bitterness on the finish! Killer homebrew hazy!

Drinking a Brasserie Du Bas Hypa 7 with Galaxy, Vic Secret and Enigma! Awesome hop combo! It is phenomenal! Smooth, juicy and hazy AF! Hops gravy at its best. These guys know how to make a killer hazy! Thanks @WesleyDhaene!!! 🍻

So stoked to finally have a FermZilla Unitank Fermenter! Can’t wait to get get some hazy wort in this beauty and do pressurized ferments and closed transfers! 🍻

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