So grateful to be drinking a @TreeHouseBrewCo Jjjuliusss! This beer is delicious! Up front there is a bit of a unique flavour I can’t place but the finish is all super complex juicy hop gravy and delicious bitterness! Thanks again @WesleyDhaene 💯🍻

Drinking my latest - a NE ISA or “Nano IPA” with two of my favourite hops Citra and Vic Secret. Fermented with Imperial’s new Kveiking blend. It is citrusy and juicy AF and at 3.7% I can drink a ton of these! Delicious crushable hops juice! 🍻 #neipa #homebrew #hops

Drinking an @annexales Imposter Syndrome DIPA! This beer was insanely hopped with 95kg hops!!! It is a delicious, complex, beautiful hop monster! Waves of pleasant bitterness. Notes of pine and tropical fruit. Delicious hop bomb! Thanks so much @WesleyDhaene! 🍻

Drinking a Strawberry Julius by @brighteyebrew! My fave, and most impressive beer I had at Bright Eye, even though they were all phenomenal! This beer is exceptional, just bursts with smooth strawberry notes, and is perfectly balanced with delicious hops. Creamy and fruity AF! 🍻

Proudly drinking a @brighteyebrew Juice Springsteen Hazy IPA! This NEIPA is top notch right out of the gate and it is only the first batch! Delicious citrusy fruity hops juice with a balanced and pleasant bitterness. More please! I will take a couple of kegs! 🍻

My visit to the incredible new brewery in Kamloops - Bright Eye Brewing

Had such a kick ass time @brighteyebrew this weekend! The beer is phenomenal! The Strawberry Julius was mind blowing, and my favoutite of the bunch, and the hazy IPA was exceptional. The Raspberry Stout was out of this world too! The space was stunning, comfortable and on point and vibe was awesome despite being sllllllaaammed! The food was killer too. Bryan, Ty and the whole team have made something very special! Be sure to make your way up there ASAP craft beer peeps! 🍻

Going to @brighteyebrew tomorrow, finally and for the first time and…I could not be more excited!!! Super stoked to try Bryan and Ty’s incredible beers!!! 🍺

Skip The Dishes, Spud and Instacart etc are such a dream come true for extreme introverts like me. Online take out and groceries with zero awkward human interactions = introvert heaven 🙂

→ FermZilla - Better Than Stainless and Far Less Expensive - KegLand - YouTube

Getting one of these this weekend! Can’t wait! So stoked to move to a conical and pressurized fermenting, closed transfers and dumping yeast and more! 🍺

Using @ImperialYeast new kveik blend Kveiking. Kveik is such a beast. So fast! Pitched yesterday at 2pm. It is already been up and back down and down to about 1.018 from 1.042! In under 24 hours! Love this yeast!

Beer awards make absolutely no sense!

Just totalled up the awards from last night’s BC Beer Awards. Dageraad had 9 total - 3 - Golds, 1 - Silver, 3 - Bronze, 2 - Design, including sweeping the Strong Belgian category. KPU had 5 total - 1 - Gold, 2 - Silver and 2 - Bronze. WTF! Dageraad should have won! The formula is broken. We need a better system!