Beer awards make absolutely no sense!

Just totalled up the awards from last night’s BC Beer Awards. Dageraad had 9 total - 3 - Golds, 1 - Silver, 3 - Bronze, 2 - Design, including sweeping the Strong Belgian category. KPU had 5 total - 1 - Gold, 2 - Silver and 2 - Bronze. WTF! Dageraad should have won! The formula is broken. We need a better system!


Just gotta say it…the KPU brew program is awesome and they and the students should be celebrated and supported…but Brewery Of The Year?!?!? Come on @BCBeerAwards, they are not a brewery! They are a brewing school that had a good showing at the award show #WTF

My 2019 BC Beer Awards

Not a huge fan of the way beer awards are decided but..for what it’s are my New England/Hazy focused, Lower Mainland biased beer awards


Superflux Colour & Shape

Best NE Pale

Backcountry Grandpa Joe’s Insurance Fraud

Best Brewery


Best New Brewery

Another Beer Company

Beer of the year

Superflux Double Infinity Vic Secret

Best Taproom

Field House

Best Food

Field House

Most Exciting Soon-ery

Bright Eye Brewing

Honourable Mentions

Steel & Oak for all their recent hazies, Beere Brewing for their kick-ass hazies, Taylight for their hazy pale Slack Tide, Tinhouse for their hazy IPA, and Another Beer Co for their hazy IPA and their Kveik IPA

Drinking my latest beer! Another NE Pale with Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo. Fermented with @ImperialYeast Loki (Kveik). This beer is uber fruity and juicy and smooth AF with huge notes of citrus and mango. Easy drinking to the max! #NEIPA #homebrew

Drinking a @TreeHouseBrewCo Perfect Storm! This beer is perfectly crafted. Perfectly balanced. Hint of sweet, perfectly balanced by a pleasant complex bitterness and hop gravy deliciousness. Super juicy. Notes of citrus and pine. Hops juice at its best! Thanks! @WesleyDhaene!

Just had the extreme pleasure of drinking a @foambrewersvt Jet Set DIPA! Might just be the best NEIPA/hazy I have ever had. Fucking phenomenal! So juicy, and smooth and balanced for a 9.2% beer! Incredibly delicious 🤯 🙌🏻 👏🏻👊🏻🍻 Thanks 💯 @WesleyDhaene

Drinking a @trilliumbrewing The Fens IPA! F’ing delicious pillowy hops juice! Notes of tropical fruit, pine and pineapple. Thanks @WesleyDhaene!!!

Haze geek alert 🚨 → @whatcomwine has @BeereBrewingCo now! They now have all the awesome hazy breweries! Superflux, Beere, Backcountry, Boombox and Steel & Oak 🍻

Finally drinking an Alchemist Heady Topper!!! Delicious! Waves of hops awesomeness! Notes of pine, pineapple and grapefruit. Very balanced, pleasant bitterness. Like a hazy west coast IPA. Crazy to think that the orginator of the style may have been a west coast inspired hazy! 🍻

Dream come true!!! Drinking a @TreehouseBrewCo Green IPA! - Absolute deliciousness! Juicy and hazy AF Galaxy bomb. Hop gravy! Notes of citrus and pineapple with a nice assertive bitterness and maybe a hint of booze 🍻 #NEIPA #hazy

Beer mail from where the New England hazy was born!!! From the awesome @WesleyDhaene! Can’t wait to try all of these! Dream come true to try beers from the originators of the style! Thanks Wesley!!! 💯🍻🙂

Drinking my latest NE Pale! With Citra, Idaho 7 and Strata! And a “Citra” like blend of Calypso, Bravo and Denali. It’s a total citrus juice bomb with a pine finish. Smells like hop heaven and it’s hazy AF without wheat! 🍻 #homebrew #neipa #hops