Hydrogen is not the answer! Electrification, is the answer for a green and sustainable transportation future!!! ⚡️

Hydrogen is not the answer for a green and sustainable transportation future! Electrification is! We should invest in electrification, electric vehicles, and solar, wind and geo thermal for a sustainable future.

Hydrogen is clearly not the way forward, it is a false hope, just another fuel we would need to buy at a fuel station from a large corporation like we do with fossil fuels today. Everyone has electricity at home which allows most people to charge at home. No one will have hydrogen at home. People also have access to electricity at work too, not the case with hydrogen.

People can also make their own electricity from solar and wind etc, again not something we can do with hydrogen!

We clearly need to choose electrification over hydrogen! ⚡️

Canada lags on hydrogen, Trudeau must pick clean tech winners: CEO