Got my first mention on a podcast! @CamOnTap and I brewed a NEIPA and he brought it for his co-hosts to try on the most recent episode (#109) of @pacificbeerchat - and…they liked it! πŸ™‚ - 🍻

Link to the clip where they talk about the beer

Drinking my latest beer - A triple dry hopped NEIPA I made with Dave from Bredenhof Hop Farms - 6.8% - Galaxy, Strata, Vic Secret, Idaho7 - it’s delicious, juicy and dank hops juice with a pronounced but pleasant bitterness 🍻 #NEIPA #homebrew #hops

Drinking my latest β†’ NE Pale - 5% - Citra, Amarillo, Vic Secret, Idaho7 with @ImperialYeast Loki - Absolutely love kveik! And this hop combo is wicked good! More delicous hazy hops juice! πŸ™‚πŸ» #NEPA #hazy #hops #juicebomb

Introducing my latest beer! A staff brew I brewed with Nathan. On tap right now at Ravens Anniversary Party! β†’ Hoppy Summer DDH Hazy Pale - 5% - Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo - it’s delicious hazy hop juice! Come try it! #firstbeerontap #thanksravensandnathan

Tomorrow is Ravens Brewing (@RavensBrewing) 4th Anniversary Party. I’ll have one of my beers on tap!!! For this years staff brew Nathan the assistant brewer and I brewed my go to NE Pale with Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe. Pop in to try it and all the beers and guest taps! πŸ₯³πŸ»

Drinking my latest NE Pale - this one has Citra, Amarillo, Idaho 7, and Denali and was fermented with kveik that was insanely underpitched - turned out awesome, way better than the full pitch batch - it is straight up hazy hops juice #hazy #NEPA #hops 🍻

β†’ Field House Brewing Releases Summer Mixed Pack - Canadian Beer News

If this is in the same type of packaging as last years Pils…it is the most beautiful and best designed beer packaging I have ever seen. Very Fieldhouse. Very cool.

Drinking a @fieldhousebeer Hazy Field IPA! It’s part of their new Farmland Series and uses barley from their farm and local Centennial, Cashmere and Comet hops from Bredenhof Hop Farms. This beer is uber delicious, with loads of tropical, citrus and juicy notes! #localhazy

Even though I very much dislike the tasteless macro swill Budweiser makes I kinda like this Super Bowl ad because 1) it supports clean, alternative, renewable energy and 2) it upsets senile CBC windbag and out of touch dinosaur Don Cherry #drinkcraftbeer #spittinginthewind

Budweiser - Wind Never Felt Better - YouTube